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 Heleon BV (NL)


PMA-Heleon NV (BE) 

"Critical Process Components"

Innovative products for the pharmaceutical industry and bio-processing

Heleon Group supplies a unique and broad range of critical system components designed for application in the pharmaceutical,  (bio)pharmaceutical markets, vacuum technology and semicon. Tubing, fittings, diaphragm valves, NovAseptic valves, check valves, instruments, steam traps, mixers, hoses etc. Our sales team has large product knowledge and many years of experience with typical pharmaceutical processes. Our expertise will help you to choose the correct product for your process. All products are produced to the highest quality standards.


Being an independent stockholder our clients determine the breadth and width of our portfolio.

Our portfolio is built around 50 years of experience in combination with a strong focus on our strategic industries pharmaceutical, bio-processing, food processing, vacuum and semicon application.