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EHEDG Tubes for Food application

The Heleon Group offers a broad range of tubes. Tubes in accordance with DIN 11.850 are designed for application in the Food market.

The Heleon Group HST-Q™ tube is produced to DIN 11.850 but offers more:



  • HST-Q™ tubes are bright annealed and pickled to create a uniform appearance.
  • HST-Q™ tubes are smoother, we guarantee a internal surface of tube and weld seam <0,8µm ra,                                  the standard states <1,6 as a max.
  • A better internal finish offers a better cleanability of the tubes.
  • By the pickling process the surface is passivated and has better corrosion resistance.
  • All free iron parts will be removed by pickling.

                                            THE HELEON GROUP LIFTS THE STANDARD WITH HST-Q™.