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Negele Turbidity measurement

NEGELE turbidity measurement - reliable and cost-effective

Turbidity refers to an optical phenomenon caused by the scattering of light on undissolved particles in a fluid. When a ray of light impinges on a particle, a portion of the light is reflected and a portion is absorbed. Depending on the shape and the surface properties of the particle, light of varying intensity is scattered in all directions.

In process engineering, turbidity measurement has become indispensable for the automation of process flows. By offering a variety of different measurement techniques, NEGELE has a solution for virtually every application.

Transmitted light method

Turbidity measurement with ITM in pipes of DN40 and larger, for media with medium to high turbidity.

Application: Quality control, phase separation of products, CIP return flow.

Measuring principle: A diode radiates infrared light toward a receiver on the opposite side. The receiver current is kept constant by adjusting the radiation power. The higher the turbidity, the greater the radiation power. The new ITM-3 turbidity meter, the next generation of our well-proven ITM-2 with enhanced front-flush sensor-design and improved performance.