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Sentinel DFI: Protect your high-value products against contamination

Anderson-Negele's new DFI (Diaphragm Failure Indication) Technology offers superior protection with a double pressure diaphragm and a continuous failure monitoring with automatic alarm.

In the case of classical pressure sensors, in the rare event of diaphragm damage the product can get in contact with actuation fluid or with non-sterile interior parts. The failure of a diaphragm may even remain undetected over the period of several production batches, causing contamination with corresponding losses in product value. The special "Sentinel DFI" (Diaphragm Failure Indication) technology offers a reliable remedy. A double diaphragm improves the protection against contamination even in the event of a fracture of the outer diaphragm. But most importantly, with the continuous electronic monitoring a diaphragm failure is immediately detected and actively reported by an alarm signal, so that the sensor can be replaced before the next production cycle.

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