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Anderson-Negele has a brand new PFS pressure sensor which offers you the flexibility and performance you need for hygienic Farma, Food and Beverage applications.

The new, modular design reduces inventory and operating costs. Now, replacing or upgrading existing or new modules is child's play and can be done at any time, according to the conditions on-site. Thanks to this new modular design it is no longer absolutely necessary to buy a complete sensor. Now, if required, it's also possible to put this sensor together individually from components at hand. This flexibility in product procurement makes it possible to permanently reduce inventory.

Thanks its novel sealing system, the PFS can also reliably withstand extreme applications and environmental conditions such as high process temperatures or extremely moist environments, while still providing reliable and precise measurements.

Some other advantages at a glance:

  • A large number of standard measurement applications that can be changed on site by the user without tools
  • Can be used in processes with permanent temperatures of up to 177°C/350°F
  • Illuminated display for easy readability
  • Electrical connection can be changed on site (cable gland vs. M12 connector

EM Series Pharmaceutical Pressure Gauges dia 90mm.

Anderson gauges are wellknown for their reliabitlity and accuracy.

These gauges are designed for application in Farmaceutical systems, they withstand SIP cycles without problems and they are available in autoclavable execution. 

EP Series Digital Pressure Gauge

The EP digital pressure gauge offers a superior accuracy, a clear digital read out. Battery lifetime of 1 jaar. 

EK Series Pharmaceutical Pressure Gauge

Anderson EK gauges have a small envelope. 

Negele LAR-361 Transmitter with ss diaphragm

During some years we have a lot of experience with the application of the Anderson Autclavable pressure transmitter, even with the combination of electronics, vacuum and 125 degree Cel. steam this transmitter works satisfactory.