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General information Anderson-Negele

The name Anderson-Negele stands worldwide for superior quality in products and in service. The company has a reputation as a leading manufacturer of top-quality hygienic sensor solutions and application expertise, and has built a strong position in the pharmaceutical and food market over the years. Heleon Group has been a distribution partner for the Netherlands and Belgium for some time now and was one of the first to become ‘Anderson-Negele Authorized Partner’! The new partner certification program underpins customer orientation and comprises of an audit based on a number of criteria and special trainings over several months. The program documents which of the distribution partners can fulfil these customer expectations to a superior extent. Heleon Group strives to continue to do so by offering in-house product specialists, short response time and short lines, account managers who are at your disposal and one-stop shopping. Besides that, the team of Heleon Group will always give its best to extend its knowledge and maximize its customers’ satisfaction.