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Exergy WFI/PW Coolers and Point-Of-Use

PUREX POU Coolers are designed to instantly dispense temperature controlled WFI. These POU’s meet the high-quality requirements and hygienic standards of the pharmaceutical industry. PUREX POU’s feature compact, high performance sanitary shell and tube heat exchangers with a double tube sheet configuration. Exergy offers a range of POU models from standard off-the-shelf units to highly customized designs.


Dispense flow rates to 250 GPM (946 LPH) at any range of temperatures

Heat transfer rates to 5,000,000 BTU/hr (1465 kW)

Pressures up to 1,500 psi (104 bar)

ASME BPE compliant

Most features and options can be customized

Sanitary double tube sheet heat exchanger design eliminates the risk of cross contamination

POU Performance unaffected by loop pressure variations

Advanced automation features allow integrated management of POU Systems and client

controls to optimize WFI loop performance

Comprehensive Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of each POU system

Site Factory Acceptance Testing (SAT) available for each POU system


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