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Kalrez® Tri-Clamp® gaskets

Kalrez® is a high quality sealing material for use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.  Kalrez® Tri-Clamp® are designed for high temperature processes and have a great chemical resistance. They also avoid compression set issues and high static friction, which can cause intrusion in the process line.

Due to these properties, Kalrez® can provide a solution in complex applications and/or extreme conditions, for example in WFI or SIP/CIP processes. The gaskets are well-known for their high hardness, high temperature and chemical resistance, low static friction (low stiction), and extended lifetime. The LS390 seals are also easy to identify, because of their unique grey color.

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Material: DuPont™ Kalrez® LS390  (grey color)

Sizes: 0,5” – 6,0”

Maximum temperature: 220°C (428°F)


·         FDA

·         Chapter 88, USP Class VI at 121ºC

·         USP Chapter 87

·         Japanese Pharmacopeia Edition 16

The Heleon Group has a full range of sanitary Tri-Clamp gaskets. 

Viton, EPDM, PTFE/VITON enveloppe, PTFE/EPDM envelope, Tufflex®, Tufsteel®, BioPro®, Kalrez®, Pt cured Silicone gaskets,  USP Class VI, FDA accepted and ADI free.

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Flowsmart Tri-Clamp gaskets and o-rings

Flowsmart has a full line of sanitary Tri-Clamp gaskets and o-rings. 

Tufflex Tufsteel Tri-Clamp gaskets

Over the last years Tufflex and Tufsteel gaskets have proven to be a reliable Tri-Clamp gasket.

Tufsteel is recommended for clean steam application and Tufflex for other process applications.