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Check Valves

In the light of ever rising standards with respect to both product quality and product safety, manufacturers of process components too have been increasingly required to take appropriate action. Valves have a crucial impact on quality and cost. Given this situation, care must be exercised to (i) ensure good-practice cleaning, (ii) avoid gaps, (iii) provide a high-grade surface finish, and (iv) achieve excellent flow.

These requirements have been accommodated in designing AWH's new check valve.

The valve geometry was designed by adopting a numerical flow analysis.
A 3-D simulation was used to minimise flow losses and achieve the flow needed for cleaning. Field measurements were conducted to verify both the theoretical value calculated for the resistance to fluid flow and self-cleaning resulting from flow phenomena.

Sealing between the body, the cover and the spring guide is a feature worth mentioning. It precludes formation of gaps and potential deposits and, thus, prevents products from being contaminated. Also, given the floating-type of support of the valve disk, the components are cleaned as necessary due to flow-related phenomena.

Disk-type check valves are available in models as hereunder:

  • DIN, Threaded end/Welding end, with clamp, to DIN 32676
  • DIN, Welding end/Welding end, with clamp, to DIN 32676
  • DIN, Welding end/Welding end, wafer type
  • Inch, Welding end/Welding end, wafer type