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AWH Spray balls

AWH rotating spray balls are known for their efficient cleaning and trouble free operation.

Due to the double bearing the rotating spray balls can be mounted in tanks under any angle

AWH produces full range of spray balls and spraying systems to clean your vessel in the most economical way.

All components are available with material certificates.


AWH Tank cleaning equipment

Cleaning of vessels and tanks is a very important process, AWH has a full line of tank cleaning equipment. 

Holstaal has a lot of experience in supplying the most suitable cleaning head ready to do the job.

Stainless steel threaded fittings

Holstaal has a full line of stainless steel  threaded fittings is stock. 

The AWH Jumbo series has been developped for hard to clean tanks, these Jet type cleaning heads will systematically clean merely all tank surfaces. Ask our specialist for advise.